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Yulong Gold Held the Launch Meeting of Striving To Be the First and Best Activity.


Strive for excellence and set good examples, bravely undertake the mission and promote development. In order to further stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of cadres and employees, show their ability level, and form a good atmosphere of comparing, learning, catching up, helping and surpassing” in the enterprise, on September 13th, Yulong Gold held a launch meeting for striving to be the first and best activity. Niu Lei, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of Jinan Hi-Tech Holding Group and chairman of Yulong Gold, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


The meeting first read out the companys activity plan of striving to be the first and best, and the representative of the project leader signed the responsibility letter of the activity target. Also, the representatives of the project leaders at home and abroad made speeches. Niu Lei awarded the flag of “Party Member Pioneer” to the Party member representatives of each project company. Then he further mobilized all the cadres and employees of Yulong Gold to strengthen the target responsibility, maintain strategic focus, enhance confidence and determination, and implement work measures to ensure that all work tasks are completed before the end of the year and continuously help the company to develop with high quality.


The meeting emphasized that all project teams and departments of the company should firmly establish the consciousness of striving for the first and the best, clarify the essence of the activity plan, determine the objectives of the work tasks, and reverse the construction period and finish it as planned to ensure the efficient and orderly progress of all work.

First, it was necessary to define the objectives, implement the responsibilities and comprehensively promote various key tasks. Production projects should continue to increase production and efficiency, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and focus on breaking through indicators such as output and net profit; For projects under construction, speed up formalities and infrastructure construction, as well as promoting safety production; The commodity trade part should continuously optimize the business structure and strengthen the management of bills and accounts receivable; All functional departments, while doing their planned tasks well, break through innovative work, strengthen cooperation and serve business development.

The second was to raise awareness, accumulate experience and cultivate the essential logic of project success. All projects and departments should firmly establish the consciousness of One Step Aheadand guide their work with the thinking of being ahead of assessment, panoramic plan and market. It was also vital to constantly sum up the experience, logic and reasons for the completion of the tasks, continuously temper excellent work methods and techniques, and cultivate a management team that could win the battle and fight hard.

The third was to find the right position, discover the gap, and continue to strengthen capacity building. Further clarify the job responsibilities, benchmark the company’s internal, group system and advanced examples in the same industry. Also, plan the work innovatively and proactively, and truly achieve fairness, openness” and “diligence. At the same time, when encountering difficulties, we should have the courage to be bold, the front-line colleagues in the project should be patient, cold-tolerant and hardship-endurance. And the colleagues in management posts should guard against three deep-rooted habits and one disadvantage” and establish “four thoughts, that is, solvable thinking”,  “bottom line thinking, closed-loop thinking” and “user thinking”, so as to truly improve in an all-round way through striving for the first and the best.

The horn of striving for excellence has sounded, and the stage for making contributions has been set up. All employees should make concerted efforts, with the spirit of daring to take responsibility, the determination to achieve the mission, and the style of daring to fight hard, to make the goal become a reality with hard work and turn the ordinary into value with striving.


All the staff of Jinan headquarter attended the meeting on the spot, and the management staff of Australian and Shanghai companies and domestic project companies attended the meeting by online video.

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